B2Market is the result of more than 3 years of the European project H2020 NIMBLE, “Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe”, formed by 17 partners from 7 countries (http://www.nimble-project.org no 723810) with the participation of the Spanish partners: FEVAMA, AIDIMME and MICUNA.

Among the companies registered in the marketplace there are many variety of suppliers of wood, veneers, boards, hardware, paints, machinery, textiles, cartons, etc., as well as furniture manufacturers of all kinds, carpenters, installers, designers,… in addition to logistics providers and service companies for the sector. It’s what we call the B2B Market Ecosystem.

The B2B Market platform will be open for free in beta format at least until November 2020 for use as a product and service management vehicle. In beta format it means that some errors can occur, but the platform is reliable and secure.

Structured by sectors, activities, products and services, B2B Market, is easy to use and has a simple interface that allows you to register and after verification and validation, you can start publishing your catalog, progressively complete the rest of the information required and start to carry out negotiations, without reaching the payment as such but visualizing the traceability of the collaborations made with the companies , both in purchases and in sales, having a control panel for analytics.

Any company working in the habitat sector can register, whether installer, product designer, interior design designer, prescriber, supplier of materials/components and/or services, including logistics.

Companies can upload their catalogs through the company profile and initiate the appropriate contacts for new collaborations being able to score the collaborations made, generating a system of truthfulness and trust.

Register and/or access B2BM at b2bmarket.aidimme.es