How register a new company?

A registration tab can be found on the main page of the platform. After entering your data our team will verify your company and you can start offering or searching for products/services and negotiating with companies around the world.

How do I add a product/service?

After selecting the publish tab you can search for the category that best suits your product in the search bar or you can search directly among all categories products and services at the bottom.

If you enter text and give the category search button below all categories related to the word you just entered will be loaded and you can select the category that best fits. After selecting the category you can continue and enter your product data (image, price, delivery, certificates). Remember to give it to publish and continue to fill in all the tabs.

How do I add a category to my product?

A product can have more than one category. After selecting the first category you can see at the top the Add Category button and repeat the process.

How to search for a product/service?

You can search for a product/service on the Search->Product/Service tab. You can search the search bar or filter the results on the left side. You can also filter by relevance and price in the top right.

How to look for a company?

In the search tab you can also search for a company or see all the companies that are registered on our platform, their scores made by other users and you will be able to select one to see in more detail the company.

How to view the catalog of products/services offered by a company?

After searching and finding the company of interest you will be able to see, on the right, the button that leads you to see your entire catalog of products/services. The rating of each product is evaluated by other users.

How do I manage my catalog?

In Control Panel you will find the catalog tab. There you can edit, copy and delete your products. If you give it to copy, it will take you to the product creation page with the same specifications, which you can edit to publish a new product.

How do I invite my company staff on the platform?

In the Company Users tab you can send new invitations to your staff via email and you can assign them a specific role for using the platform with certain privileges.

How to manage my team on the platform?

On the Company Users tab, you can delete or edit the roles that a person on your work team can have. You can also cancel a pending invitation.

What roles and roles do users in a company have?

Legal representative: change company master data, assign roles user.

Monitor: the person has can see certain processes that are visible in NIMBLE.

Editor: you can change your company’s information on the platform.

Buyer: initiate contractually valid purchases. Sales Officer: initiate contractually valid sales.

How to buy a product/service?

After finding the product/service you are interested in, in the search tab, you can add it to the cart then you can search and add another one. When finished you can go to the cart tab. If you select the Negotiate/Order All Product/Service tab it will appear in the Purchasing section of your Control Panel.

How to cancel, update, and view the status of the request for a product/service?

In Control Panel you can see the products/services you have purchased in the search tab. Here you can see the status of your request. You can update your request, cancel, or view request details by hitting the arrow on the right to display details.

How to request information about a product?

After searching for a product in the search tab or through a company’s catalog you can request more information from the company with the Request for Information button.

How to negotiate with a company?

Like buying a product/service directly, our platform offers the possibility of trading between companies. After finding the desired product/service on the right you will find the Negotiation button that will take you to a section with the terms that the manufacturer offers and the counteroffer you wish to send you. By submitting the request you can follow the process in your Control Panel, on the Purchasing tab.

How to add a product/service to favorites?

After searching for a product/service and selecting it in the top right you will see a star, if you give it it will turn blue and the product/service will be added to your favorites that you can find in your Control Panel.

How to compare two products?

If you are undecided among multiple products you can go to your Control Panel and look for the compare tab. You can search for two products/services and view their specifications at once to compare and choose the one that suits you best.

How see my company’s statistics?

Your company’s statistics are located In Control Panel-> Statistics. Here you can find numerical and graphic information about your products, collaborations and visits to your profile of other users.

As accept or reject an offer from another company?

When you have a trade or sell request, you will be displayed on the Sales tab in Control Panel. When you open the request you will see the conditions requested by the customer. You may Reject Offer, Accept Offer or if you modify the Producer Response you may try to negotiate again, send a response, and wait for customer reply.

How can I evaluate collaboration?

At the end of the negotiation between two companies, the client will be able to evaluate the other company. In Control Panel->Sales on the product/service a star will appear on the right. If you click on the star you will be able to evaluate the seller’s communication and Term Compliance.

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