The marketplace is now fully operational, offering the following benefits:

  • Belong to a sectoral B2B.
  • Offer products and/or services to other companies.
  • Contact and negotiate quickly and easily, expanding the network of suppliers and collaborators.
  • Increase brand visibility and notoriety, being able to access a much larger audience.
  • Create new business opportunities, through a new sales channel, with a greater audience than on the web pages themselves.
  • Create and maintain effective partnerships and business collaborations, improving response times.
  • Involve the people of the company itself, through the different access profiles (purchases, sales…).
  • Increase digitization and innovation capabilities.

Testimonies of entrepreneurs:

  • Jorge García, COO MICUNA. “Our company considers it necessary and vital to be in contact and connected with the rest of the companies in the world, not doing so will make you obsolete. In this line, the B2BM platform gives us this possibility, it makes it easier for us to do business between companies, to be more visible and all this in a faster and more efficient way. That’s why, from Micuna, we consider it necessary that a company does not miss the opportunity to be on a platform like this and we invite companies in the sector to participate”.
  • Kiko Torrent Latorre, CFO Latorre.
  • Sergio Prieto Alamar, Sales Manager Tableros Folgado.
  • Alejandro Bermejo, CEO V. Molduras Alto Turia.

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